The History of Monkeys

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Several million years ago the chimpanzee and gorilla lines had already separated from one another, and the orangutan line even earlier than that. Throughout the eighteenth century there remained a considerable amount of confusion in distinguishing between orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas. The orangutan was the first to be recognized as a distinct genus -- only because of its remote habitat in Asia. It was not until 1847, on the basis of a single skull from Gabon, that the gorilla was confirmed as a separate genus from the chimpanzee." (Fossey, 1983) Subspecies of Gorillas

Monkey World History

Monkey World is a 60 acre park set in the Dorset countryside. In the park there are many different primates. Monkey World was set up in 1987 to provide a permanent home for abused Spanish beach chimpanzees. Now in the year 2001 Monkey World rescue primates from all over the world, but mainly Europe. The reasons why I choose Monkey World: * Both me and my mum are fascinated with all primates.* I have been there when I was young and at the age of fourteen.  * I think that it is a good cause as primates are like humans and when they are badly treated they become mentally ill. The reason I think charity’s like monkey world need to raise money is because money has to come from some were. Charity’s like Monkey World sell merchandise. Also they may have people on the streets with money boxes collecting passing peoples spare change. Other things like phone-ins, donations and fund raising days are also good ways to collect money.With Monkey World all money, such as entry fee and souvenirs go towards the primates.